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These General Conditions of Purchase regulate the use of the website (hereinafter "the website””) of which 3INA, SL (hereinafter referred to as 3INA) is the owner. 3INA, S.L. is a limited company with registered office at Calle Velázquez nº 53, 28001, Madrid, with Tax Identification Number (NIF) 0B87141305, and registered in the Companies Registry of Madrid, volume 32.836, Book 0, Folio 190, Section 8, Sheet M-591.070, Entry 1. The use by the customer of the services of the 3INA shop presupposes, in any case, adherence to the General Conditions of Purchase in the version published by 3INA at the time of the purchase order. Therefore, it is advisable that the customer read these General Conditions before proceeding to make a purchase.


These General Conditions of Purchase apply to the sale of all 3INA products through its website to consumers to whom orders can be delivered in any country that appears in our Shipping Address information. 3INA informs that its website is exclusively aimed at users over 18 years old. 3INA reserves the right to cancel a customer's access account if fraudulent, speculative or bad faith acts are detected in the use of this service.


For security reasons, purchases of more than €1,000 or more than 100 items per order are not allowed.

  1. PRICE.

The applicable prices are those indicated on the website on the date of the order. The prices are detailed in each article and include the V.A.T. (Value Added Tax), as appropriate. The amount of the shipping costs is indicated to the customer in a detailed manner at the time you place the order.


The payment will be made at the end of the purchase process and will be an indispensable condition for the formalisation of this. In no case will it be possible to make the payment later. Payment is not supported by deferred procedures such as cash on delivery or wire transfer. Supported payment methods: Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal, among others. In any case, the choice of payment method is made during the purchase process on the corresponding screen. The customer must notify 3INA of any undue or fraudulent charge on the card used for purchases, by email or telephone, as soon as possible so that 3INA can make the appropriate arrangements. Suppliers or issuers of means of payment may adopt anti-fraud measures that result in the rejection of certain types of transactions. 3INA is not responsible for the implementation of such security policies.


The delivery time will be a maximum of 30 calendar days from the completion of the purchase. The delivery of the orders will be carried out in the direction that the customer indicates attending to the following characteristics:


5.1.1 Home delivery:

- Standard Shipping: The customer must pay transport costs for all purchases, there are different tiers per country: 

 Country  Shipping Cost  Oficial De Minimis Value
Afghanistan                    25,00 EUR  
Albania                    15,00 EUR 22 EUR
Germany                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Angola                    25,00 EUR 450 -780 USD
Anguila                    20,00 EUR  
Antigua                    20,00 EUR  
Saudi Arabia                    15,00 EUR 367 SAR
Algeria                    15,00 EUR  
Argentina                    20,00 EUR 50 USD
Armenia                    25,00 EUR 150.000 AMD
Aruba                    20,00 EUR  
Australia                    20,00 EUR 1.000 AUD
Austria                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Arancel)
22 EUR (IVA)
Azerbaijan                    25,00 EUR 200 USD
Bahamas                    20,00 EUR  
Bahrain                    20,00 EUR 299,99 BHD
Banaire                    20,00 EUR  
Bangladesh                    20,00 EUR No deminimis
Belgium                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Belize                    20,00 EUR 50 USD
Benin                    25,00 EUR 100 USD
Bhutan                    20,00 EUR 5.000 BTN
Belarus                    20,00 EUR 10 EUR
Bolivia                    20,00 EUR 100 USD
Bosnia and Herzegowina                    15,00 EUR 10 EUR
Botswana                    25,00 EUR No Formal deminimis
Brazil                    20,00 EUR 50 USD
Brunei                    20,00 EUR 400 BND
Bulgaria                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Arancel)
22 EUR (IVA)
Burkina Faso                    25,00 EUR  
Burundi                    20,00 EUR 100 USD
Cambodia                    20,00 EUR 50 USD
Cameroon                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Canada                    15,00 EUR 20 CAD
Cape Verde                    25,00 EUR 150 USD
Central African Republic                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Chad                    25,00 EUR 60 USD
Chile                    20,00 EUR 30 USD
China                    20,00 EUR 50 CNY
Cyprus                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Arancel)
17 EUR (IVA)
Colombia                    20,00 EUR _
Comoros                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
Congo                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Korea                    20,00 EUR 150.000 KRW
Costa Rica                    20,00 EUR No de minimis
Cote d'Ivoire                    25,00 EUR 76 EUR
Croatia                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Arancel)
22 EUR (IVA)
Cuba                    25,00 EUR  
Curacao                    20,00 EUR  
Denmark                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Arancel)
10 EUR (IVA)
Djibouti                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
Dominica                    20,00 EUR  
DRC - Congo                    25,00 EUR 100 USD
Ecuador                    20,00 EUR 400 USD
Egypt                    15,00 EUR  
El Salvador                    20,00 EUR No de minimis
United Arab Emirates                    15,00 EUR 1.000 AED
Eritrea                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
Slovakia                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Slovenia                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties) 
22 EUR (VAT)
Spain                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
U.S                    15,00 EUR 800 USD
Estonia                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Ethiopia                    25,00 EUR 20 EUR
Philippines                    20,00 EUR 10.000 PHP
Finland                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Arancel)
22 EUR (IVA)
France                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Gabon                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Gambia                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Georgia                    25,00 EUR 300 GEL
Ghana                    25,00 EUR __
Granada                    20,00 EUR  
Greece                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Greenland                    15,00 EUR  
Guadalupe                    20,00 EUR  
Guam                    20,00 EUR  
Guatemala                    20,00 EUR Not applicable
French Guiana                    20,00 EUR  
Guernsey                    15,00 EUR  
Guinea Republic                    25,00 EUR 80 USD
Guinea-Bissau                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Guinea-Equatorial                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Guyana                    20,00 EUR  
Haiti                    20,00 EUR  
Honduras                    20,00 EUR 500 USD
Hong Kong                    20,00 EUR  
Hungary                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
India                    20,00 EUR 10.000 INR
Indonesia                    20,00 EUR 75 USD
Iraq                    25,00 EUR  
Iran                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Ireland                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Iscas Turks and Caicos                    20,00 EUR  
Iceland                    15,00 EUR 1.500 ISK
Bermuda Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Cayman Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Cook Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Faroe Islands                    15,00 EUR  
Fiji Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Falkland Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Mariana Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Marshall Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Solomon Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Virgin Islands                    20,00 EUR  
Israel                    15,00 EUR 15 USD
Italy                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Jamaica                    20,00 EUR  
Japan                    20,00 EUR 10.000 JPY
Jersey                    15,00 EUR  
Jordan                    15,00 EUR 20 JOD
Kazakhstan                    25,00 EUR  
Kenya                    25,00 EUR 20 USD
Kyrgyzstan                    25,00 EUR  
Kiribati                    20,00 EUR  
Kosovo                    15,00 EUR  
Kuwait                    15,00 EUR No hay Deminimus value en el país
Laos                    20,00 EUR  
Lesotho                    25,00 EUR Intra SACU 249 ZAR and Extra SACU 499 ZAR
Latvia                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Lebanon                    15,00 EUR  
Liberia                    25,00 EUR 255 LRD
Libya                    15,00 EUR  
Lithuania                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
75 LTL (VAT)
Luxembourg                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Macao                    20,00 EUR  
Macedonia                    15,00 EUR 22 EUR
Madagascar                    25,00 EUR 6.700 MGA
Malaysia                    20,00 EUR 500 MYR
Malawi                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Mali                    25,00 EUR 100 USD
malt                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Morocco                    15,00 EUR 300 Moroccan Dirham
Martinique                    25,00 EUR  
Mauritius                    25,00 EUR 3.000 MUR
Mayotte                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
Mexico                    20,00 EUR 50 USD
Micronesia                    20,00 EUR  
Moldova                    15,00 EUR  
Mongolia                    20,00 EUR  
Montenegro                    15,00 EUR 150 EUR
Montserrat                    20,00 EUR  
Mozambique                    25,00 EUR 300 MZN
Myanmar                    20,00 EUR  
Namibia                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
Nauru                    20,00 EUR  
Nepal                    20,00 EUR  
Nevis                    20,00 EUR  
Nicaragua                    20,00 EUR  
Niger                    25,00 EUR 100 USD
Nigeria                    25,00 EUR 250 USD
Niue                    20,00 EUR  
Norway                    15,00 EUR 350 NOK
New Caledonia                    20,00 EUR  
New Zealand                    20,00 EUR 400 NZD
Oman                    15,00 EUR  
Netherlands                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Pakistan                    25,00 EUR  
Palau                    20,00 EUR  
Panama                    20,00 EUR 100 USD
Papua New Guinea                    20,00 EUR  
Paraguay                    20,00 EUR No deminimis
Peru                    20,00 EUR 200 USD
Poland                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Portugal                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Puerto Rico                    20,00 EUR  
Qatar                    20,00 EUR No deminimis
UK                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
15 GBP (VAT)
Czech Republic                    10,00 EUR  
Dominican Republic                    20,00 EUR 8.600 DOP
Reunion, Island Of                    25,00 EUR 22 EUR
Rwanda                    25,00 EUR 400 USD
Romania                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Samoa                    20,00 EUR  
American Samoa                    20,00 EUR  
San Bartolome                    20,00 EUR  
Saint Kitts and Nevis                    20,00 EUR  
Saint Eustatius                    20,00 EUR  
San Vicente                    20,00 EUR  
Saint Helena                    25,00 EUR  
St. lucia                    20,00 EUR 60 XCD
Sao Tome and Principe                    25,00 EUR 25 EUR
Senegal                    25,00 EUR 100 EUR
Serbia                    15,00 EUR  
Seychelles                    25,00 EUR USD 100 C&F / CIF value for Business Entities & SCR 3,000 C&F /CIF value  for Private Individuals
Sierra Leone                    25,00 EUR 100 USD
Singapore                    20,00 EUR 400 SGD
Syria                    25,00 EUR  
Somalia                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
Somaliland, Rep of (North Somalia)                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
South Africa                    25,00 EUR 500 ZAR
South Sudan                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
Sri Lanka                    20,00 EUR  
Sudan                    25,00 EUR 100 USD
Sweden                    10,00 EUR 150 EUR (Customs duties)
22 EUR (VAT)
Switzerland                    10,00 EUR 5 CHF
Surinam                    20,00 EUR  
Swaziland                    25,00 EUR No Deminimis
Tahiti                    20,00 EUR  
Thailand                    20,00 EUR 1.500 THB
Taiwan                    20,00 EUR 2.000 TWD
Tanzania                    25,00 EUR 3 USD
Tajikistan                    25,00 EUR  
East Timor                    20,00 EUR  
Togo                    25,00 EUR 10 USD
Tonga                    20,00 EUR  
Trinidad and Tobago                    20,00 EUR  
Tunisia                    15,00 EUR  
Turkmenistan                    25,00 EUR  
Turkey                    15,00 EUR No hay Deminims value en el país
Tuvalu                    20,00 EUR  
Ukraine                    15,00 EUR 150 EUR
Uganda                    25,00 EUR 50 USD
Uruguay                    20,00 EUR 200 USD
Uzbekistan                    25,00 EUR  
Vanuatu                    20,00 EUR  
Venezuela                    20,00 EUR 100 USD
Vietnam                    20,00 EUR 2.000.000 VND
Zambia                    25,00 EUR 2000 USD for personal shipments and
500 USD to companies depending on Customs discretion 


- The address indicated by the customer may be a private home, a place of work or any other address that is indicated. Billing address and shipping address do not need to match. Our transport provider will send an email and SMS if you have provided a mobile phone and a contact email in your order) indicating the day the delivery will be made and enabling the change of delivery date.

5.1.2 Incidents in the delivery: In the event of not being able to make the delivery by absence of the addressee, the agency of transport will leave an indicative note and will try to contact by telephone with the addressee. After two unsuccessful attempts, the customer must contact the transportation agency to proceed with delivery.


Returns: due to a tare, defect or receipt of an erroneous product.

Withdrawal: caused by the customer's decision.


Conditions (Withdrawal): You have 14 calendar days from receipt of the product(s) to withdraw from the contract without justification. The Right of Withdrawal may not be exercised on products that are not suitable to be returned, for reasons of health protection or hygiene, (for example lipsticks, makeup, nail polish, etc.), therefore the products to be returned, must be in their original packaging, in perfect condition and unused.

Conditions (Returns): 3INA will be responsible for any lack of conformity that is manifested within the period established in the legal regulations. The returned product must be delivered in its original packaging.

Reimbursement (Withdrawal/Return): 3INA will reimburse, where applicable, the corresponding amount, including the standard shipping costs of the initial delivery without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 calendar days from the date on which it was informed of the return. Reimbursement will be made by the same means of payment with which it was paid. However, we may hold you until we have received the products, or until you have provided proof of return, whichever condition is met first.


Costs (Withdrawal): The customer shall bear the cost of returning the product(s).

Costs (Return): 3INA will bear all costs of the return, the customer may also choose between exchanging the product for another in perfect condition or for the correct reference, or for reimbursement of the product.

NOTE: The return or withdrawal affecting perfumes, nail polish and aerosols, must be made by a non-air transport service.

Procedure: contact the Customer Service Department at the email You must include, completed, the document attached to the shipment (Return and Withdrawal Form), downloadable here

Once we receive your package with the items, you will receive an email from 3INA, confirming receipt. We will process your return within 2-3 working days.




If there are incidents as for its supply or if there are not products in stock, the customer will be informed immediately and will proceed to the reimbursement of the amount of the product or products without stock. 3INA shall reimburse the corresponding amount without undue delay and in any event within 14 calendar days. Reimbursement will be made by the same means of payment with which it was paid.



The warranty offered is that established in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users.




For any doubts, suggestions, queries or complaints relating to the online shop, you can contact the Customer Service Department, by any of the following means:


- E-mail:

- Postal address: 3INA, S.L. Calle Velázquez nº 53, 28001, Madrid.

In addition, we have official Complaint Sheets available to consumers and users, which may be submitted to the postal address and email indicated above, or to any of our physical shops. You can download them here:  official sheets


3INA's Customer Service Department will deal with and respond to your complaint as soon as possible, and in any case within a maximum period of one month. If your application is not resolved satisfactorily, you can have recourse to the ordinary courts or process your complaint through the website, which will provide a single point of access for out-of-court resolution free of charge. 



3INA reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Purchase at any time. No changes affect orders that are already in progress. 



These General Conditions of Purchase are subject to Spanish legislation. Without prejudice to the foregoing, consumers who are not resident in Spain also enjoy the protection guaranteed to them by the mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which they have their habitual residence. The parties submit, at their choice, for the resolution of disputes and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the customer's domicile.